Hello friends!

I awoke a few days ago with an unusual thought in my mind, “Today feels like a good day to die.”

Being an intuitive empath, I knew the thought wasn’t mine; it stemmed from an unconscious collective need to experience another death and rebirth cycle. The urge to let go of this reality was so strong, so heavy, so palpable that I wondered who was going to cross over, and when.

A few days later, I awoke to my husband, Ben telling me that one of my most beloved mentors had crossed over. To my dismay, my third guess was correct. My heart sank as Ben confirmed that Wayne Dyer had passed from this realm to the next.

To those of you who been touched by Wayne Dyer in some way, I’m curious to hear what you’re experience was?

For me, there was a sadness followed by a deep knowing that it truly was his time and that he had an ecstatic transition. After processing his personal completion for this lifetime, I began to think about what it meant for the rest of us.

I meditated and connected with the essence of Wayne Dyer, the great spiritual leader and teacher, the loving father, the perfect and imperfect human being… I thought about the impermanence of life, the rise and the fall of each person, and how short each journey here on earth really is.

Some say that life is so short that most of us remain in spiritual adolescence, never making it to spiritual adulthood. I believe this time is different.

I felt the torch being passed from the previous generation of light leaders to the next generation. I felt the responsibility- the ability to respond to what is being called forth as our consciousness transitions.

I considered what is really important and what is not. I believe that the most important thing in life is our relationships with those we love. From our spouses, our friends, and our clients, we can only take with us the memories of love and connection. We leave our checkbooks behind.

The times when we deeply loved, were deeply seen, were deeply cared for, are the most important experiences to me.  And I want more of them… More intimacy, more real connection, more depth, more presence, more love. What experiences do you find most transformational? What do you really value?

Before I met Ben, I didn’t know what it was like to look into a person’s windows to their soul for so long that you lost yourself, and you lost the other person. I didn’t understand how to melt into someone, how to be flawed and be seen in unconditional love. I didn’t realize the layers of pain and protection I’d been hiding behind.

When Ben and I met, we decided to live differently. We decided not just to get married, but to really be in full partnership, and that meant helping one another grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally. It meant pushing each other’s boundaries and holding each other to our best and greatest selves.

The process is never ending as we teach what we need to learn and we learn what we need to teach and we allow our mess to be our message in this world. We are establishing the Modern partnership and what it means to be Sovereign, to be self ruling, to have freedom combined with responsibility. Thanks to all of you for creating it with us!

With love and gratitude,