5D Business School: The Evolution of Entrepreneurship


5D Business School is NOT business as usual

It is the antithesis. 5D Business School is the answer to the matrix’ program of being overworked, unfulfilled and underpaid. It is the rebalancing of the busy mess of busy-ness. This is where you learn to hack the matrix, and become a creator god.

5D Business School is a way of getting fully on the highest level of your life purpose, making money, and getting enlightened at the same time. No matter who you are or what you’ve accomplished or not accomplished, this program is designed to guide you progressively into higher levels of consciousness, using your business success and your personal happiness as feedback mechanisms for your enlightenment. That means that you become fully lucid in this dream of life, learn to recognize everything around you as a guidepost pointing you in the right direction.

Your world becomes an incredibly fascinating movie, that you are directing, not just starring in. Everything becomes a conscious act of the divine, and you reap the benefits of that level of alignment.

5D Business School achieves this through a series of hypnosis sessions, activations, and transmissions, as well as real world assignments that pertain to each dimension. This is just as much an online Mystery School as it is an Evolutionary Business School.

Whether you are a peer of ours in the “Conscious Business” industry, or you’ve never set foot in a workshop… you will receive different information through the same process, hearing exactly what you need to hear to take you to the next level.

You can make millions of dollars a year, but if you are not truly fulfilled in every way, overworked and your sex life is suffering, what is the point?

It’s kind of like playing the game of Monopoly… How would it affect your relationship if you played Monopoly for 8+ hours a day for 5 days a week? You can only run around in circles for so long before you start to lose your relationships and your mind. Whether you’re winning or losing, at some point you just have to stop playing the damn game.

It’s exactly the same in the game of life. Only you have the power to stop playing the same old game. In 5D, you literally create a new game that is the solution to the old broken game you are sick of playing!

5th Dimensional Consciousness: No more playing the Monopoly game

  • 5D is a MAJOR mindset shift.
  • It isn’t logical, and it certainly isn’t step by step.
  • You claim the identity, of creator-god and Magician-in-Chief of your life.
  • You feel, on a cellular level, that you have the power to create magic and experience miracles.
  • Your focus shifts from needing to make money, to: “If I could do anything, be anything or have anything, what would that be?” Then you create that.
  • Anything that isn’t in alignment falls away. You only do what lights you up and keeps you in a high vibrational state.
  • Staying in that high vibrational state creates a clear container for your higher self to reside in.
  • When your higher self is IN:
    • It connects with the higher selves of your future clients and lets them know it’s time to work with you.
    • Answers to your toughest questions come easily and situations resolve themselves.
    • Your life partner can finally see you! Whether you’re in a relationship or looking for “The One,” when your higher self takes the lead, this is where the best relationships grow from.
  • Every aspect of your life is aligned and working.
  • You are the creator, and are 100% lucid in the dream we call life.
  • You learn to look at life as an energetic puzzle to be discovered and solved.
  • You begin to do less of what drains you and more of what inspires you. When you are inspired, you inspire others.
  • Once this energetic puzzle is solved, you will wake up one morning and find yourself laying in bed with your dream partner, in your dream house, in your dream location, and running your dream business. And yes, our clients have experienced all of that through this program.

5D Business School is the first and ONLY of its kind on the planet

5D Business School has been created in a way that allows you to EXPERIENCE what it feels like to be in each dimension, so you can bring back the information needed to fully anchor that dimension into your life. You will have an experience of what it feels like to start in the 1st dimension, and move your way up, week by week, into the 12th dimension.

Through this process, you will have a deep understanding of which dimensions of consciousness you’re strongest at, and which need work. If you’re floating around in the higher dimensions, trying to figure out how to make money in your business, then you will need to do more work in the lower dimensions. If you have already mastered the lower dimensions (making money), and are wondering what’s next for you, you’ll begin getting in that information in modules 1 and 2, but it’s modules 5-7 that will really blow your mind.

In 5D Business School:

  • You will create your own reality (quite literally) by freeing yourself from any limiting beliefs about what is or isn’t possible, aligning yourself with your highest purpose, and taking the correct action. You want to witness crazy things happen? Stuff that seems like magic? One thing we talk a lot about in the course is that money starts to fall out of the sky right around week 4…
  • You will download your perfectly aligned 5D business AND LIFE from scratch.
  • You will learn how to access greater levels of intuition from your higher mind, and then take guided actions to create a way of living that most people have no idea is even possible.
  • You will learn how to function in your day to day life from a place of guided, aligned purpose, free from the copy and paste step-by-step processes that drain your soul because they aren’t aligned with YOUR 5D reality.
  • You will learn how to connect with your “Spiritual Board of Elders”, and access your “Galactic Answer Key,” instead of trying to figure everything out with your big brain!
  • You learn that you don’t need to spend your money on a ton of different courses or programs to make a ton of money immediately. You don’t need a webinar, an email list, or even business cards or a website. One of the first things we say in the course is, “STOP SPENDING YOUR MONEY!!!” Treat yourself to a couple fancy nights out instead

This 12-week program will guide you through a process that turns your life into a Mystery Play, and magic, miracles and shedding will happen all around you, as if by nature. If you do the work, you may find yourself fully aligned in the areas of Life Partner, Life Purpose & Living situation, and making the money that comes along with all that while being happier than you have ever been in your life.

Many clients have said that this program was like a 3-month mushroom trip. Be prepared to lose your mind so you can find yourself.

5D Business School



5D Business School Includes:

  • 12 weekly modules covering all aspects of 4th and 5th dimensional business
  • 120 minute recorded Co-Creative Lab Call, per week, including:
    • Review of the weekly Module
    • Review of the homeplay
    • Live Q&A
  • Private online group to post successes and make requests for support

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by 3D, 4D, 5D as it pertains to business?

Great question!  For your convenience, we have compiled a detailed review of 3D, 4D and 5D consciousness.

Why is it imperative for our planet to evolve into 5D business now?

As our planet is evolving into 5D consciousness, humanity is being called to serve and live out our life purpose in a way we have never seen before. It is our divine responsibility to awaken ourselves and others. We are fed up with the manipulative sales tactics coming out of those who are unconsciously selling their services in the 4D paradigm.

Where do many 4D programs fail to deliver?

A 4D program only works well when it is in alignment with your values. It WILL NOT work if it is not aligned with your higher self.

It is VERY important to have a 4D structure that is in perfect alignment for YOU as a unique individual. A good 4D structure holds your 5D life purpose in a way that allows you to stay in 5D consciousness.

Many 4D programs are “one size fits all,” and if the program is out of integrity for you, it WILL NOT yield results, no matter how closely you follow their system. If you see others around you getting results, it simply means the program is in alignment with THEIR higher selves, not yours.

How is the 5D Business School different from 4D Programs?

Instead of giving you a “step-by-step formula” to find success, we will help you tap into your own specific map, and create a business that serves your life purpose.