About Us

Welcome to the Rode Institute!

The Rode Institute is the cutting edge provider of education, workshops, and trainings for the advancement of sovereign partnerships, sexuality, and spirituality.

We provide an expansive and integrative approach to the growth of conscious partnership through energy healing systems, body work, meditation, hypnosis, intimacy building techniques, and modern mystery school processes.

We collaborate with industry experts, visionaries, healers, and thought leaders to educate and inspire those who are seeking advancement in spirituality, sexuality, and relationships. The Rode Institute is a network of individuals committed to the elevation of all.

About the Founders:

Ben and Jen are the founders of the Rode Institute, home of the most powerful transformational process on the planet as voted by those who have experienced them. Ben and Jen have been leading people through incredible processes for over 5 years. Their 10 day training is called The Multidimensional Awakening & Initiation, and it uses numerous cutting edge technologies downloaded directly to them to help you fully integrate into your body, mind and soul, get you into higher self and life purpose, and it links it all together in a way that is easily recognizable and immediately usable.

Ben is a futurist & business shaman, Jen is a spiritual teacher & clairvoyant channel, and together they have used their own teachings on reality creation to create the Premiere Luxury Resort for Transformational Retreats in the world, called Synergida. Located on 120 acres of pristine Costa Rican jungle, it is an enlightened community of leaders specializing in business, health and spirituality, with the 33,000 square foot resort as it’s beating heart.

Ben & Jen, live in Costa Rica with their 2 kids and 2 huskies. Their favorite thing about their life right now is that they live on vacation all day every day, allowing them all the time in the world to download the map of 5D consciousness, the Universal Laws, and other mysteries of the universe. They are truly living the American Dream… In Central America.

Work with Ben and Jen Rode:

You’re a leader and you know you have a big life mission. You are a self-proclaimed ‘healing junkie’, you’ve experienced every form of transformational work on the planet, and everything you’ve ever done has led up to this… Doing private sessions with Ben and Jen Rode are a mind, body, and spirit-altering experience of a lifetime.

If you feel called to be fully seen, heard, and  felt, and to heal sexual shame so you can dive deeper into intimacy than you’ve ever been before, then you’ve come to the right place!

Ben and Jen aren’t just “spiritual teachers” or “healers”, they are straightforward truth-tellers who will hold you to your most powerful self, and not let you settle for anything less.

If you are ready to move past everything that’s been holding you back so you can become your fully expanded, highest self, your journey begins here.

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