The Futurists' Retreat

This retreat is for men, women, and couples who are thought leaders and revolutionary entrepreneurs. Disrupters who are constantly looking towards the future to create something that has never been done before.

(Acceptance only by interview process with Ben)

We invite you to join us in Costa Rica, a magical land with one of the highest levels of biodiversity where almost anything grows. Join us here to grow and expand your mind, your heart, your consciousness and your impact on the planet.

During this 7 day retreat, 2 visionary leaders who have had massive impact on a global scale, will walk you through their own unique methods that will make your preferred future happen sooner and better. More specifically, you will learn about  reality creation in terms of what is being called Fifth Dimensional Consciousness.

5D consciousness allows you to live in your preferred state of maximum resourcefulness more of the time, drawing your future to you in a way that is unprecedented.

Participants will experience their ability, grace, and power to use 1D – 7D consciousness to go through five steps:

  • Vision: Seeing the future you want, involving multiple senses (more than five), and enjoying it now.
  • Mission: Getting crystal clear on your life purpose, your dharma; what keeps you at maximum power.
  • Strategy: Choosing the overall path to living your vision that is maximally effective and efficient for your very specific needs, wants or desires, even if it’s not the straight or sure path.
  • Goals: Writing down what you want to do over the next five years physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, sexually, financially and spiritually.
  • Projects: Creating the right schedules, resources, teams, incentives, and communications. Mastering communication through books and social media will be discussed.

A unique aspect of the retreat will be the discussion of the seven dimensions of consciousness, from 1D through 7D, with an emphasis on 5D consciousness, which is where the planet is moving into as a whole. Mastering 5D will allow you the uncanny ability to live in the desired future and the present simultaneously.

5D consciousness can be thought of as a superpower, as it can give a person the ability to make changes on a global scale even without a formal corporate, government, or university affiliation.

You will be experiencing specific exercises and meditations for transforming the “levels of succession” at the levels of the body, family, company, community, society, and humanity.

The workshop will draw upon an eclectic variety of inspirations and expertise including: Ancient Mystery School teachings, hypnosis, shamanism, meditation, mathematics, sacred geometry, art theory, and so much more.

This will be extremely experiential, and you will leave with a body, heart and head level awareness of how to bring your future into the present as well as the drive to make it happen.

We chose 7 days for this workshop to align with the 7 dimensions that will be taught, as well as the 7 days of creation myth. We will focus on 1 dimension per day to assure a full understanding of each of them.

There will also be an emphasis on “The Creative Partnership” and how to work with a spouse, lover, or partner to write, paint, make music, create a business, and in general expand the relationship to do more, better, enabling greater accomplishments and growth, while spending more time with the person you love and appreciate the most. You will learn how to use your partner as your closest mirror for the feedback necessary in your external reality to let you know whether you are on track or not. There is no faster way to enlightenment than growing with a partner.

The workshop will be led by Ben Rode and Alex Lightman, and we all hope to see you in Costa Rica!

Futurists' Retreat


$5,555 Pay in full

$2,222 x 3 payments


Futurists' Retreat Details

Dates: December 2016

Mental intensity level: 15 (out of 10)
Spiritual intensity level: 8
Physical intensity level: 3
Emotional intensity level: 6

Capacity: 20
Food is included

Ben Rode

Ben Rode, of the Rode Institute, is a creator god, and he created Alex Lightman and Satyen Raja from the most rapid firing parts of his brain and the farthest reaching depths of his awakened consciousness.

He is also the creator of one of the most powerful transformation modalities on the planet, Multi-dimensional Awakening, and he has been leading incredible trainings for over 5 years. His 10 day training is said, by everyone who attends it, to be the most transformational and healing retreat on the planet. It is a modality that fully integrates a person into their body, mind and soul, gets you into higher self and life purpose, and links it all together in a way that is easily recognizable and immediately usable.

He is also a founder of the ‘RISE’ regenerative, new earth community being created on 800 acres in gorgeous Costa Rica. RISE is a community of change agents living in 40 luxury homes integrated into a holistic healing retreat center created with sacred geometry that will be a hub for transformational experiences.

Ben and his wife/spiritual teacher/ business partner, Jen, live in Costa Rica with their 2 kids and 2 huskies. Their favorite thing about their life right now is that they live on vacation all day every day, allowing them all the time in the world to download the map of 5D consciousness, the Universal Laws, and other mysteries of the universe. They are truly living the American Dream… In Central America.

Alex Lightman

Alex Lightman is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, futurist, artist and social change agent. He has used 5D consciousness to publish over two million words about the future, including the first book on 4G wireless (Brave New Unwired World: The Digital Big Bang and the Infinite Internet), and most recently, co-authored the bestseller, Augmented: Life in the Smart Lane (with Brett King), which at the time of this writing had 32 reviews, all of them five stars.

Lightman has advised a number of governments on how to think in 5D (without calling it that) by authoring technology transition plans, including the Internet (IPv6) transition plans for the US Dept. of Defense and for the 27 member nations of NATO.

He is also the author of Reconciliation: 78 Reasons to End the US Embargo of Cuba, the book that helped the US and Cuba to resume diplomatic relations after 54 years apart.

Lightman was the recipient of the first Economist magazine Reader’s Award for “the innovation that would most radically alter the future” in 2010, after voting from around the world, and has received two other awards for being a global technology visionary and pioneer.

Alex is currently chairman of Everblaze, Witkit, and GINET; CEO of Fountain Health Technologies; Board member of SensorComm, and he is on the advisory boards of Natural Machines, BitSpeed, and Nolan Bushnell’s (The creator of Atari, and Steve Job’s only boss) Brainrush.

See Alex’s full list of historic accomplishments here.