Karma Clearing Meditations

You’ve done so much work on yourself to get to where you are now.

You have keen awareness of the patterns and beliefs that have been keeping you stuck, yet you are noticing that it’s still challenging to fully change these patterns.

Why is this, you might be wondering? Often, we repeat patterns from previous lifetimes unconsciously because we haven’t had the chance to integrate the life lessons, so these pesky, persistent patterns keep repeating. This is often referred at as karma, and it’s not meant to be a punishment. In fact, when we integrate our karma, we receive massive gifts of wisdom, integration, and clarity. It’s truly wonderful!

To support you in integrating your karma and transmuting it into your well-earned gifts of integrated wisdom and prosperity, Jen is so excited to offer you 8 powerful “repeat after me” activations she channeled.

The lords of karma are a group of ascended masters, also known as the lords of dharma, who first appeared to Jen 2 weeks before she met Ben, and they helped her to surrender to her life purpose, cut old ties that had been binding her, and gave her the clarity, confidence, and courage she needed to move forward. To this day, it was one of the most powerful, life changing experiences Jen has ever had.

Later, Jen was guided to channel these meditations to connect you with the lords of karma so you, too, can clear old life contracts that are still affecting this one, and powerfully rewrite new contracts that serve you. After doing these meditations, you will find yourself feeling more empowered, lighter, and clearer.

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