The King's Advisor: Executive Coaching

If you have achieved a level of mastery and success in your life, and you feel like you have hit a dead end, you’re not alone. You are probably noticing all the other people at this point in time who have reached a certain level of notoriety as leaders, and are now wondering what the next steps are for themselves. After all, who do the leaders go to when they need clarity and advice?

They go to Ben Rode. Ben has exploded onto the scene with his own unique methods of seemingly impossible levels of rapid growth known as Timeline Hopping, and is recognized for the solid results his clients achieve. These results aren’t just monetary. The results are You living your happiest life, with your perfect partner, on the greatest level of your life purpose, where everything flows easily and effortlessly because you are 100% tapped into your higher self.

Ben will expertly guide you through a process that allows you to see into the different realms of consciousness and transition from 4D consciousness into 5D consciousness. This will mean more to you later, but for now, think of it like this: You are most likely in 4D right now, using systems and structures to create a result that plays out in linear time. This construct requires constant upkeep and stressful work. 5D consciousness is when you become fully awake in your dream, learn how to bend reality to your will and create your dream life with ease again and again.

These sessions are an exercise in expanding your awareness, and in turn your vibration, which will allow you to more easily navigate the next right actions in your life, regardless of how successful you have been already. No matter how successful you have been in the past, there is something more you are looking for now, and Ben’s expertise is helping you get clarity on what that is and how you will get there.

The King's Advisor: Executive Coaching provides

As a client in this special program, all of Ben’s coaching clients will be gifted with*:

*We can customize this program, taking into account your specific needs and time considerations. Please feel free to contact us to explore the possibilities.

We are at a place in time where the planet needs a transformational shift, so we humbly offer this gift to you as follows with flexible payment options:

90 Day Program

financing available

90 Day Program Includes

Duration: 90 Days

  • 6 Private One on One Calls with Ben

Full Year Program

financing available

Annual Program Includes

Duration: 1 Year

  • 24 Private One on One Mentorship Calls with Ben