Manifestation Secrets of the Ascended Masters Meditation Course

You’ve dabbled in meditation, and you’re feeling a pull to dive deeper into connection with your higher self.

Meditation is meant to be fun, and it will be! It’s meant to be an ongoing dialogue with the divine in you. It’s meant to help you follow the path of least resistance.

As you create time for yourself regularly to dialogue with the divine, you’re going to find that your life begins to flow with much more ease and grace.

As you follow the internal guidance that you receive, you’ll find that more abundance, more joy, and more freedom begin to manifest easily into your life.

In the Manifestation Secrets of  the Ascended Masters Meditation Course, you’ll learn:

  • How to connect with your higher self, angels, ascended masters and guides to receive messages and guided action steps.
  • How to trust yourself and how to know the difference between the voice of your ego and the voice of your higher self.
  • How to use your meditation practice to clear, shield, and heal your energetic and physical bodies.
  • How to astral project and consciously retrieve information from different realms of consciousness that you don’t usually have access to.
  • How to use your meditation practice to create physical ROI in your day to day life.

PRICE: $222