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5D Business School (Semester 1)

This is the first 4 weeks of 5D Business School, that covers 1D-4D. This experience will guide you through a process of discovering for yourself, who you are, why you’re here, what you do, who you do it for, how much you charge for it, as well as how to get paid for it while leaving you feeling safe and grounded so you can move forward with the next level of your amazing life purpose. Once you have made at least $10,000 from new insights that came through this course, you will be qualified to purchase semester 2, which covers 5D-12D. You won’t be able to fully use 5D until you have found some success in your 4D business. Don’t worry though, 1D-4D are presented from a 5D perspective, so you’ll be getting all new epiphanies that light you up inside and out.

Client Attraction Meditation

This is the evolution of marketing. Connect with your future clients in the astral realm, so they already know they’re supposed to work with you as soon as they meet you. Then get out and meet them!

The Fall Into Love (Usually $333) Online Series

Ben & Jen have a +94% success rate helping their single clients bring in their life partner. This 4 recording series explains how you can bring in your partner too.

The Fall Deeper Into Love (Usually $444) Online Series

With a 52% divorce rate, the old relationship model is broken. For Ben and Jen, having a good relationship isn’t good enough. They strive to have what they call “the best relationship that has ever been had in the history of relationships,” and give you the map to do the same in this 4 part series. As the highest paid sexual healers in history, Ben and Jen have a few tricks up their sleeves, and this is a great place to start learning them.

Grieving Process

This process will help you move through stuck energy you didn’t know you had around events you didn’t realize you still needed to clear. This is a process of clearing old identities & timelines and integration of new ones. And of course, it is also extremely effective in grieving old relationships or lost loved ones as well.

Karma Clearing Meditations

These ‘repeat after me’ meditations will create immediately noticeable shifts in your life, so be careful what you wish for. Jen met Ben 2 weeks after beginning to channel these meditations…

Manifestation Secrets of the Ascended Masters

Through meditating 3-9 hours a day for 5 years, Jen’s guides have given her a type of meditation that integrates the highest levels of spiritual information integrated into physical action steps that get solid results. 8 week course with ebook & encyclopedia of useful guides, angels, ET groups & ascended masters to work with.

Timeline Hop Hypnosis (Usually $99)

This process is designed to help you create a new life by a process of hyper visualization of what would be perfect for you and integrating it into your unconscious mind.

Psychic Toolkit (Usually $555)

Jen is one of the highest paid psychics in the world, and she will be teaching you everything you need to know about protecting yourself while expanding your psychic and healing abilities in this 5 recording course.