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All Programs

  • Shamanic Revolution Retreat

  • Simple Pleasures Retreat

  • Multidimensional Awakening Retreat hot


    The Multidimensional Awakening Retreat was born from the culmination of thousands of sacred healing sessions, synergistic science, attunements, multidimensional downloads, and galactic activations. Ben and Jen were not taught this information. This high level information was directly downloaded to them, through them, for the evolution of humanity at this time period specifically. The Rode Institute…

  • The Queen’s Council: Executive Coaching

  • Private Multidimensional Awakening Sessions


    This program is for you if you are in the public eye, and your privacy throughout your next major life transformation is of the utmost importance for you. You are a leader, CEO, celebrity, millionaire or billionaire, and there is something big in your life that you are ready to shift, and you don’t know…

  • The King’s Advisor: Executive Coaching