The Queen's Council: Executive Coaching

This program is designed to help you become the most balanced and healthy version of yourself. By the end, you will be more aligned with nature and the universe, and will be ready to tap into the next level of your life purpose.

Jen will help you find the clarity that will allow you to continue growing spiritually while remaining grounded in the material world. You will experience new levels of spiritual expansion, as well as new depths of intimacy in and out of the bedroom. This is Jen’s specialty.

You will develop a solid, well-tuned meditative practice. Through this practice, you will locate your deepest truths, and find the self-confidence to trust yourself. You will discover the secrets Jen uses that allow her to tap into Universal Consciousness, and bring back the actionable items that guide her business.

Upon completion of the program, Jen will revisit your intentions and chart your growth. You will be sure to smile as you witness your progress. Then when you are ready for more, she will set bigger and better intentions for you.

As Jen aims to provide the best support that she can, space in The Queen’s Council is limited. In order to help you achieve the greatest results, she will assist you in determining which program is best suited to your life at this time.

Thank you for choosing us to be on this journey with you! It is going to be an exciting one.

The Queen's Council: Executive Coaching provides

As a client in this special program, you will also receive extra clearing and support in Jen’s meditations and in her dream time as guided by her upstairs team.

We are at a place in time where the planet needs a transformational shift, so we humbly offer this gift to you as follows with flexible payment options:

90 DAY

financing available

90 Day Program Includes

Duration: 90 Days

  • 6 Private One on One Calls


financing available

Annual Program Includes

Duration: 1 Year

  • 24 Private One on One Calls