The Grieving Process

Whether you have experienced the falling out of a relationship, the loss of a friendship, or the death of a loved one, you know you are in some stage of the grieving process.

One thing you probably didn’t know is that any time you make a huge life transition or timeline hop, even if it’s an upgrade, you need to grieve the loss of your old self in order to fully integrate your old self into your new self. Without consciously grieving the loss of the parts of yourself you have just left behind, you’re not actually able to be fully on your new timeline.

When Ben and Jen made the move from California to Costa Rica, they left behind the versions of themselves who had the identity of being a family who lived in California. The Ben and Jen who lived in California had just died, and needed to be honored and integrated rather than left behind and forgotten.

The Grieving Process does just that, and can be used to speed up the healing process for everything from the death of a physical person to the end of a marriage or the upgrade from an old version of yourself.

Some people never heal from the loss of a loved one or relationship. That’s because there are several stages in The Grieving Process, and if you miss one altogether, or don’t go into it fully, you continue to loop indefinitely. It isn’t until you are able to access each stage of the grieving Process fully that it finally clears form your body so you can move forward with all your power.

The Grieving Process is an exercise that came to Ben when a good friend called in the middle of the night and said, “Hey brother, my son just died in a car accident. Can you help me?” This young man had lost his life in the car that was just gifted to his girlfriend for her birthday. The next day, this process downloaded into Ben, and he was able to help his friend process through the entire grieving process in less than 20 minutes, in a way that allowed him to remember that life was worth living. This exercise instantly became a powerful addition to his repertoire.

In this video, Ben walks you through the entire process so you can have a body level experience of all the sensations and emotions you’ll need to experience in a specific sequence, in order to finally understand the map to healing from loss.

If you’re grieving an expected, timely death of a loved one, or the loss of a friendship, relationship or old version of yourself, you could very well be 100% complete by the end of this process.

If you’re grieving the sudden, untimely death of a close friend, child, sibling etc. (our hearts go out to you!), this process will give you a sense of hope & peace you may not have known you would ever have been able to experience again. From there, your body memory will have a road map for the steps you’ll be taking for a full healing in the near future. Without this process, healing from such a traumatic loss can take years or decades. With this process, it may only take weeks or months. That is the power of being guided through the exact sequence by a professional.

This is a process that can be used again and again for dozens of purposes.

  • If you’re single, and you’re looking for a relationship, you can use this process to grieve your identity as a single person so you can draw in your life partner by stepping into the new identity of someone who is in a stable, committed, loving relationship.
  • If you’re broke, you can grieve the loss of the identity you have around being someone with no money, so you can create wealth by stepping into the identity of being wealthy.
  • If your business just won’t take off, you can grieve your identity of an unsuccessful entrepreneur, so you can create a new identity as a leader in your field.

Attached to every major transition, grief lies in waiting to be processed and cleared. It’s just part of being human. The Grieving Process is designed to make your journey just a little bit easier.

Happy healing!

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