Twin Flame Meditation

It is our pleasure to introduce you to your Twin Flame…

You have keen awareness of the patterns and beliefs that have been keeping you stuck, yet you are noticing that it’s still challenging to fully change these patterns.

The potential partners you have been drawing into your life are just not quite right for you, and you keep asking yourself, “Where is my life partner??” When you know exactly what it FEELS like to be in that perfect partnership, that is when your energy will adjust to the correct frequency, and they are drawn to you across all time and space.

In this meditation, Ben guides you through the process of meeting your ideal partner.

You will have a visceral experience of what it feels like to meet them. To be with them. To be held by them. To make love to them. You will communicate with their higher self, and complete any last things either of you need to do before you meet. You will decide on where and when you will meet, and even come up with a game plan for how you will co-create a life together once you finally come together forever.

This is the exact meditation Ben walked his clients through just before he met Jen, that allowed both of them to know instantly that they would be together forever.

When Jen met Ben in person, she recognized him immediately as the man that had been coming to her in dreams to plan their life together. Ben recognized Jen immediately as the woman he connected with every time he did that meditation.

Ben and Jen were married June 10th, 2012, just 32 days after they met. 3 kids and a huge life purpose later, they are still going strong!

PRICE: $99