What do we mean by 3D, 4D, and 5D as it pertains to business?

3rd Dimensional Consciousness:

  • You live your life by society’s standards, unaware that your mind is not free.
  • You go to school, get a good job, and work hard to get ahead, focusing on your IRA and your savings so you can have a happy retirement.
  • You go to church, or not, but you question anything that is too “out there” for you. You have a very limited perspective of what is possible on this planet.


Lower 3rd Dimensional Consciousness:

  • You wake up, go to a job you can’t stand, and work for a boss who treats and pays you poorly.
  • You trudge through the day, begging the clock to strike 5:00pm so you can go home and drink in front of the TV until you fall sleep.
  • And then… you retire… And then die… Just a pawn in someone else’s game.


Upper 3rd Dimensional Consciousness:

  • You’re the boss, and are paid reasonably well.
  • Perhaps you’re even extremely successful starting your own company.
  • There is something huge missing: Consciousness.

4th Dimensional Consciousness:

  • You’ve read a spiritual book, have taken a course or overheard someone talking about “creating your own reality,” “The Law of Attraction,” or some other empowering frame of mind.
  • You begin to think about your life purpose and wonder what else is possible for you.


Lower 4th Dimensional Consciousness:

  • You’ve quit your job and have decided to create a business that is in alignment with your life purpose. One that is in tune with your personal relationship to the planet.
  • You realize there is a game being played, and set out to play it yourself. But you don’t know the rules yet, so you struggle.


Upper 4th Dimensional Consciousness:

  • You begin taking classes and courses and workshops that are led, hopefully, by those who are teaching from Upper 4th.
  • You try and figure out how to become the creator of your own reality.
  • Those in Upper 4th teach you their system of how they got there with the hopes that you will get there as well.
  • Upper 4th sounds like, “The 5 Step Process on how to build your email list.” Or, “Enter your email here to download my 7 step blueprint/report on how to ______.”